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"You are not so dumb that you cannot learn if you study and you are not so smart that you will learn if you do not study.  We must convince our children that their minds are pearls and that they can learn anything."
- Lonnie J. Clinkscale

A Self-Help Book for a Daily Dose of Life Inspiration

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Learn how Lonnie Clinkscale's childhood bullying stories turned to wonderful and inspiring narrations. Get motivated and read his self-help book entitled Hey Dummy! A Testimony of an Overcomer.

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Discover pearls of wisdom from a motivational speaker and published author, Lonnie Clinkscale, as his life stories and books reached the news. Book him for motivational speaking engagements today!

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Based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Lonnie Clinkscale is the author of Hey Dummy! A Testimony of an Overcomer, one of today's most sought-after self-help books on building self-esteem. He aims to bring inspiration to both young and old by sharing personal life experiences as he survived humiliation and ridicule in his childhood. As a young child with a learning disability, he was often called a "dummy" by other children, teachers, and even his family members. He experienced great devastation upon receiving negative judgments through and through from people around him. These traumatic experiences did so much damage to his fragile self-esteem as a child.

As a turning point, he used his own story as a tool to inspire people encountering similar life situations. Through his book, he aims to encourage people to be strong in overcoming all the odds. The book is all about living in the "inner city," as he calls it, and remembering that there is always hope. Readers will also be able to learn how one can rise from all the insecurities and pessimism in life, and even become one of the best students in their class. Despite everything he has gone through, Lonnie has received several awards from different schools and universities over the years. He has been inspiring people in all walks of life through his self-help books since 1992. Today, he is a proud member of the Learning Disabilities Association of America™.

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