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Lonnie J. CLinkscale

About Lonnie J. Clinkscale

Based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Lonnie J. Clinkscale is an accomplished author of inspirational self-help books today. One of his famous works is Hey Dummy! A Testimony of an Overcomer.

A True Inspiration

At present, Lonnie is the director of safety and training for a national company, and was recently hailed as the World's Most Admired in Diversified Outsourcing. He holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership. Lonnie's story of triumph has touched many people's lives across the world, transcending cultural and socio-economic barriers. As a result, his story has been featured in several academic journals and publications. See Lonnie's Perspective on the world by clicking here.

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Lonnie's Childhood Woes

As a child, Lonnie's learning disability made him an easy target for ridicule by his teachers, classmates, and even family members. Alongside bullying, he has also faced poverty and abuse as child, making his life seem unbearable. As a young man with only a tiny bit of hope, he suffered from depression and eventually attempted suicide.

A Spiritual Transformation

When Lonnie found Jesus Christ and welcomed Him in his life, he discovered the hope and acceptance that he had been longing for. His once miserable life transformed into a testimony of God's redemption and grace. Lonnie explained that God gave him the courage to believe that he could accomplish whatever he sets his heart and mind into. Through the support of a few teachers and counselors, Lonnie was able to achieve academic success and go on with life, breaking the vicious cycle of poverty and hopelessness through the Lord's inspiring words.