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Hey Dummy! A Testimony of an Overcomer is one of the greatest inspirational books today, written by Lonnie Clinkscale in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Read about his personal bullying stories and see how he turned these negative circumstances to his own advancement. If you wish to purchase an autographed copy or get a discount for bulk orders, simply click here or contact Lonnie today.

A Peek From Lonnie's Past

In the world today, millions of bright, sensitive, and developmentally delayed children live the same nightmare every day as they cling to the hope that the day will come when they, too, can achieve their goals. This book narrates the autobiography of Lonnie Clinkscale, who has gone through humiliating experiences in his childhood and his battle against a learning disability. Most people have a turning point in their life. For Lonnie, he turned his faith of God and the motivation of a teacher into his source of strength that enabled him to overcome many life obstacles. Despite living in a dysfunctional family environment, having a learning disability and a severe stuttering condition, as well as suffering from public rejection by fellow students and other adults, Lonnie surpassed it all.

The Turning Point

Lonnie turned the tables around as he finally gained strength and encouragement. He understood his own value, which caused his natural abilities to flourish. He progressed from someone who can't read aloud to an honor student recognized for winning several speech tournaments.

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An Inspiring Speaker

Today, Lonnie J. Clinkscale, MBA, is an accomplished speaker, author, and licensed minister. One day, he gave a talk in a school in Lordstown, Ohio, and in turn, received this very heartfelt message from the School Principal Larry Crawford. "Our students were impressed with your sincerity and got a sense that you care about them as people. As a speaker, you are one of the best of the 450 we have had. You made them aware of the plight experienced by the underdog in our classroom. Hopefully they will extend a helping hand rather than a taunt to the kid who doesn't fit into the mainstream. We all learned a most powerful lesson in the resiliency of the human spirit."

Lonnie's Present Days

As a great source of motivation for the young and old, Lonnie's life story has been written by the American Academy of Pediatrics™. Lonnie currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife, Dawn. He has shared his testimony and message of hope in the following programs and networks:

The 700 Club™ | Trinity Broadcasting Network™ | National Empowerment Television™ (NET) | Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)™
| KET Public Broadcast System

Upcoming Film

Lonnie's book, Hey Dummy! A Testimony of an Overcomer, is soon to be released on the big screen. Click here to find out how you can be a part of this inspirational film. Interested parties can view the full synopsis of this forthcoming film here.

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